Saanen Dairy Goats

Saanen dairy goats are generally white or light-colored breed.  They are named after the Saanen valley in Switzerland.   Saanen goats are one of the most popular breeds because of their high productivity and ease of management.  Visit our Dairy Goats page to view our entire family of Saanen Dairy Goats.

About Givernay Farm

The Givernay Farm located just outside the village of Standard just east of Strathmore, AB. The farm is home to a family of purebred Saanen and Nubian dairy goats.  We take great pride in our animals and raise them on a strict CAE prevention program.  Find out more about our farm.

Givernay Farm Receives the Master Breeder Award from the Canadian Goat Society

On September 25, 2018, we were acknowledged by the Canadian Goat Society for our commitment to maintaining the highest breeding standards. This means that we bred at least six animals that have been officially designated as a Select Doe, Select Sire, or a Select Brood Doe.