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We will no longer be posting a breeding list in this section. Please refer to the doe’s individual page to see planned breedings. We do tend to change our minds on breedings from time to time but I will do my best to update the breedings as often as possible. Once the does are bred the confirmed breeding will be indicated. Please see our reservation and sales policy below.

Please note we will only accept specific reservations for buck kids. We typically retain 10-15 doelings as herd replacements per year. Once our replacements have been selected we will offer the remaining doe kids for sale. We offer the does kids in order of deposit received. To get the best selection we recommend you reserve early. When making a doeling reservation if you have specific does or family lines you are interested in please specify and we will do our best to accommodate, however, we cannot guarantee we will have your preferences available. We strive to match you with the right animal for your needs so please specify what you are looking for and we will provide honest assessments of options provided to you. While we do enjoy showing our animals our breeding program is not focused on show trends. It’s always fun to have an animal finish her permanent championship but we put very little value on show wins in our breeding program.

We strive to breed animals that are first and foremost productive as that is the overall purpose of a dairy goat. Our herd participates in official 305 day milk testing which we use as a tool to evaluate the effectiveness of achieving our production goals (both for volume and components). Secondly, we strive for correct type which we validate by using official type classification. Thirdly we strive for consistency in style- we have a very distinctive style of animal that we enjoy, one that is feminine, dairy and stylish yet maintains substance and power. This is our personal preference and something we enjoy viewing every day. Consequently, some of these animals are not necessarily competitive show animals but rather animals that meet our own breeding objectives. As such we make no guarantees that animals purchased from our farm will be competitive show animals.

We do guarantee our animals to be healthy when shipped from our farm and reproductively sound. We don’t knowingly sell animals that have reproductive issues but we realize that it can happen from time to time. In these situations, we are happy to provide you with a suitable replacement upon receipt of a licensed veterinarian who has rendered the animal unable to reproduce. We will not guarantee CAE/CL status once an animal has left our farm. We are happy to test any animal prior to shipping at the buyer’s expense for any health parameters they so desire. We do routine whole herd CAE testing and our herd has been and continues to be negative. We’re happy to supply those results at the purchaser’s request. We do continue to raise our kids on a strict pasteurized milk program to ensure the highest standards of health are being met. A 100.00 deposit per kid is required to make a reservation. Please note that deposits are not refunded on cancelled orders. Kid prices will range from $600.00-$1,500.00. Prices quoted are for kids picked up or shipped at 4 weeks of age. Air shipping is available at the buyers expense out of Calgary. Please contact us directly for specific prices and availability.