Birchwood RAI Khandi 4*P VG88


Saanen Dairy Goat


Khandi is a favorite in the barn. She has a sweet personality and very easy going. Unfortunately her sweetness wasn’t much help when several of her pen mates decided to take advantage of her good nature. Khandi suffered permanent damage to her left front leg and shoulder. Though she can still walk, she has quiet a limp. Sadly she was only shown once before her accident and she was named 2009 West National Champion. The above photo is the only picture I have of her prior to her accident. Unfortunately she only had a few hours of milk in her. She has proven her self to be an excellent brood doe. Khandi is an extremely powerful doe and excels in body capacity. Despite her limp, she stands on a very correct set of feet and legs and has a strong will to milk. Her mammary system is stunning, being wide in the rear with ideal teat size and placement.


DHI: 3-10- 262-1067-3.5%-3.1%


Date Of Birth: May 31st, 2007
SS: Ran-Cher Acres Simeon’s Intense *S
Sire: Ran-Cher Acres Intense Indio *S EX
SD: Ran-Cher Acres HFF Susanna *P EX/EX
DS: Lake Country Mandate Classic *S
Dam: Birchwood Classic Juliette 3*P VG87
DD: Birchwood Stylist Jasmine 2*P