Givernay Countess 8*P VG85 1-04

Saanen Dairy Goat

2020 Breeding

Countess is confirmed bred to Givernay Vindicator *S for March 2021 kids.


Countess freshened with a stunning mammary system. The overall area of attachment, shape and capacity are very impressive. We love the stature, length and style on this doe. Countess is particularly strong in general appearance, being long and level through the rump and standing on a correct set of feet and legs. This is definitely a doe to watch for in the future.   


1-00-300-805-3.5%-3.4%                                                                                                                  2-00-116-592-3.3%-3.0% in progress; projection: 1253-40-38


Date Of Birth: March 12th, 2018
SS: Capricorn View Winner Altair *S EX
Sire: Kampfire Altair’s Avitar *S EX91
SD: Kampfire Shawnee’s Angel *P*M EX96
DS: Rocky-Run LCRDL Cavalier *S EX94
Dam: GCH Givernay Haute Couture 7*P EX90
DD: Givernay Reverence 6*P VG88