Givernay Iced Viennese 5*P VG86

Saanen Dairy Goat

2023 Breeding

Viennese is confirmed bred to Grasshill Horizon Nightlife for April 2024 kids.


Viennese is a smaller but very correct doe. Her mammary system is socked on. She has an extremely correct front end assembly and rump. The photo doesn’t do her justice, but, it’s what we have. This is another slow maturing doe who needs to fill out a bit more, that said, we’re anxious to see her fresh again. 


DHI                                                                        2-00-279-1068-3.8%-3.6% 


4-03-213-837- 3.4%-3.4% (freshened late in 2023)


Date Of Birth: March 22nd, 2022
SS: Grasshill Joker Whirlwind *S VG87
Sire: Grasshill Whirlwind Beau *S VG88
SD: Grasshill Titan Betty Jo *P VG89
DS: Grasshill Cheque Nevada *S
Dam: GCH Givernay A Night In Versailles 4*P VG89
DD: GCH Givernay A Night in Vincennes *P 2EX92