Givernay Vindicator Gloss 3*P VG88

Saanen Dairy Goat

2023 Breeding

Gloss is confirmed bred to Grasshill Horizon Nightlife for March 2024 kids.


Gloss freshened beautifully in 2023, her mammary system is even better than I had hoped for! It’s high and wide in the rear, smooth and well extended in the fore. Her production and components are also very impressive for a first freshner. We also really admire the strength of feet and legs on this doe. Gloss needs a little more time to “grow into herself”, this is typical of this line and we don’t mind waiting for good things.


DHI                                                                        2-00-279-1068-3.8%-3.6% 


4-03-213-837- 3.4%-3.4% (freshened late in 2023)


Date Of Birth: March 25th, 2021
SS: Kampfire Altair’s Avitar *S EX91
Sire: Givernay Vindicator *S XE91
SD: GCH Givernay A Night in Vincennes 3*P 2EX92
DS: Grasshill Whirlwind Beau *S VG88
Dam: GCH Givernay Gossamer Silk 2*P EX90
DD: GCH Birchwood CCL Lexus *P 3EX91