Grasshill Whirlwind Sagesse

Saanen Dairy Goat

2023 Breeding

Sagesse is confirmed bred to Givernay Frostline *S for March 2024 kids.


Ah Sagesse… she jumped out at me immediately at Grasshill and I knew she had to come to Givernay. Pictured above stale 500+ days in her lactation you can still appreciate the tightly attached mammary system she has. We really admire her general appearance- correct front end, great rump and very good feet and legs. We’re excited to how she looks on a new lactation in 2024.





Date Of Birth: April 16th, 2017
SS: Grasshill Turbo Joker *S
Sire: Grasshill Joker Whirlwind *S VG87
SD: Grasshill Dynamo Whisper *P EX90
DS: Grasshill Nightrider Summit *S EX96
Dam: Grasshill Summit Sage *P VG88
DD: Grasshill Titan Shangrilah *P EX90