GCH Givernay Valencia 3*P 2EX91 5-04

Saanen Dairy Goat

2021 Breeding

Valencia is bred AI to Tradewinds Atley’s Vaquaro for March 2022 kids


Valencia is a very stylish doe, being smoothly blended throughout with a beautiful uphill profile. We really admire the dairy strength she exhibits; being sharp and clean through the front end combined with a flat bone pattern. Valencia has numerous strengths in general appearance, most notably, her wide flat rump and feet and legs. Valencia has tremendous capacity to her mammary system (which speaks to her very impressive milk records, both volume and components!) and lots of extension to her fore udder. 


2-11-285-1594-3.3%-3.0%                                                                  3-11-310-1842-3.6%-3.1%                                                                    4-10-318-1633-3.2%-3.1%                                                                     Dry in 2020

Date Of Birth: March 29th, 2014
SS: Tres-Amigo RL Trademark
Sire: Tradewinds TRM Valor VG88
SD: CH Tradewinds Lucky’s Veil
DS: Singing-Spruce Sun Ptolemy *S EX94
Dam: Givernay By Invitation Only 2*P 2*M 3EX92
DD: GCH Birchwood CCL Lexus *P*M 3EX91