GCH Givernay Haute Couture 7*P EX90 4-04

Saanen Dairy Goat

2019 Breeding

Couture was bred to Grasshill Whirlwind Beau *S VG88 for March 2020 kids


Couture is definitely living up to her name. She is a long, tall, stylish doe who is extremely eye catching. She is a very dairy doe, being long and lean through the neck, flat boned and incurving through the thigh. We really admire her mammary system, it has ideal shape and attachment fore and rear. Couture is also one of our higher component does which makes her a real asset in the production department. In 2017 Couture was named Reserve West National Champion! As a four year old Couture continues to mature and is looking more beautiful than ever before.


2-00-270-1057-3.4%-3.1%                                                           2-11-303-1384-3.8%-3.1%                                                            3-11-135-649-3.5%-3.1% Dried off early

Date Of Birth: March 21st, 2015
SS: SG Willow-Brook Designer R Lauren +*B
Sire: Rocky-Run LCDRL Cavalier *S EX94
SD: SGCH Rocky-Run Rogue’s Cupid 6*M EX92
DS: Singing-Spruce CPA Merlin VG89
Dam: Givernay Reverence 6*P 2*M VG88
DD: Givernay Sweet Citranae 5*P 1*M VG88