GCH Givernay A Night in Versailles 4*P VG89

Saanen Dairy Goat

2022 Breeding

Versailles will be bred to Givernay Vindicator Savant *S for March/April 2023 kids.


Versailles had a phenomenal 2022, she did us proud in the showring finishing her championship, she achieved her max score on classification and she’s on track to produce approximately 3,900lbs of milk (not bad for a second lactation!). Versailles really emulates what the total package looks like for us. This line is a bit slow maturing so I’m positive Versailles’ best is yet to come. We can’t wait to see how she looks in 2023.   


2-11-209-1352-2.7%-2.9% in progress- projection: 1785


Date Of Birth: April 10th, 2019
SS: Grasshill Summit Cheque *S VG89
Sire: Grasshill Cheque Nevada *S
SD: Grasshill C Natalie *P EX91
DS: Rocky-Run LCDRL Cavalier *S EX94
Dam: GCH Givernay A Night in Vincennes 3*P EX91
DD: GCH Givernay By Invitation Only 2*M 2*P 2EX92