Givernay Clinique 8*P VG89

Saanen Dairy Goat

2022 Breeding

Clinique will be bred to Givernay Vindicator for March/April 2023 kids.


Clinique freshened with a stunning mammary system. The overall area of attachment, shape and capacity are very impressive. We love the stature, length of body and style on this doe. Clinique had a fantastic year in the showring, consistently at the top of her class, judges often commented on her mammary system, rump and smoothness of blending.   

DHI:                                                                                                     1-11-175-967-3.2%-3.1% in progress- projection: 1434


Date Of Birth: April 5th, 2020
SS: Grasshill Whirlwind Beau *S VG88
Sire: Givernay Tax Credit
SD: Givernay Sunday Tea
DS: Rocky-Run LCRDL Cavalier *S EX94
Dam: GCH Givernay Haute Couture 7*P EX90
DD: Givernay Reverence 6*P VG88