Givernay Sweet Citranae 5*P *M VG88


Saanen Dairy Goat


Citranae’s claim to fame is her stunning mammary system. We’re particularly fond of the height and width of her rear udder; the arch is incredible. Not only does her mammary system look good it functions well also, her production as a two year old is very impressive. We also love the capacity on this doe; she has so much width and depth though her chest- this is carried right though to her fore udder.


DHI: 2-01-104-527-3.8%-3.1% in progress
DHI: 2-01-75-6.0-3.3%- 22.80 pts- *M
DHI: 1-03-51-4.2-3.2%- 15-.69 pts- *M


Date Of Birth: March 9th, 2012
Sire: Singing-Spruce Sun Ptolemy *B *S EX
Dam: Birchwood RAI Khandi 4*P VG88/87 (2009 CGS West National Grand Champion)