Givernay Vicenta 3*P VG88 2-04

Saanen Dairy Goat

2020 Breeding

Vicenta is confirmed bred to Givernay Navarre Valiant for April 2021 kids.



Vicenta is a really flashy general appearance doe, having a beautiful wide, level, flat rump coupled with an ideal front end assembly. We really admire the dairy strength this doe boasts, she’s long and deep, yet sharp and angular. This doe is built to make milk and that is exactly what she does, not just volume either she has good componets and tremendous presistency.


1-00-276-862-3.6%-3.4%                                                              1-11-293-1578-3.3%-3.3%                                                            3-01-76-407-2.9%-3.0%- in progress- projection: 1292-37-39

Date Of Birth: March 22nd, 2017
SS: Kampfire Otis’s Emmott
Sire: Kampfire Emmott’s Adam
SD: GCH Brighter Future’s Ashely *P EX92
DS: Singing-Spruce Sun Ptolemy *+S 2EX94
Dam: GCH Givernay By Invitation Only 2*M 2*P 3EX92
DD: GCH Birchwood CCL Lexus *M *P 3EX91