GCH Givernay By Invitation Only 2*P 2*M 3EX92 5-05

Saanen Dairy Goat

2018 Breeding

Vi was bred to Grasshill Whirlwind Beau for April 2019 kids.


We were honored to have Vi named 2015 West National Champion. In 2017 she stayed home on the farm, however, she did receive another classification score of EX92 (now making her a 3 E)! Vi is the type of doe that really speaks to the goals of our breeding program. First and foremost she has production! Vi is really a working girl and has always been. Her mammary system along with being extremely productive is also very correct. We love the globular shape to her mammary, the size and shape of her teats and the beautiful soft texture. Vi stands on an ideal set of feet and legs, we really admire the set to her rear legs, her short pasterns and tight toes. Vi also oozes dairy strength, she has a flat and incurving bone pattern throughout, combined with loose pliable skin and an elegant neck. Vi not only exhibits these traits her self but she is passing them on to her offspring. She currently has 4 milking daughters and 1 dry daughter in our her. Her daughters are classifying VG or higher and are exhibiting her production strengths (volume and components). Needless to say Vi is a very special doe at Givernay.


2-00-91-5.7-2.9% – 20.86 pts. *M                                          2-00-270-1157-3.7%-3.2%                                                     3-00-283-1388-3.9%-3.4%                                                     4-00-271-1505-3.6%-3.2%                                                    5-00-286-1378-3.7%-3.2%

Date Of Birth:  March 14th, 2012
SS: Singing-Spruce Vermillion Sun ++*B LA87
Sire: Singing-Spruce Sun Ptolemy *S 2EX94
SD: Singing-Spruce RL Ptingles 2*M
DS: Birchwood CC Limerick *S
Dam: GCH Birchwood CCL Lexus *P*M 3EX91
DD: Birchwood RAI Katie