GCH Givernay A Night In Vincennes 3*P 2EX92

Saanen Dairy Goat

2023 Breeding

Vincennes is confirmed bred A/I to Grasshill Navigator Sheik *S EX95 for March 2024 kids


Ah, Vincennes… she’s like a long, tall, cool refreshing glass of water. This doe has not disappointed me in any aspect. She is very similar to that of her dam Vi with notable improvements. Vincennes has a beautifully shaped mammary system that is high and wide in the rear and smooth and snug in the fore. Her real claim to fame is her stunning general appearance. She stands on a near perfect set of feet and legs coupled with a long, wide, flat level rump and just oozes style. She really boasts dairy strength as well being long and lean through the neck and flat boned. We really love the production on this doe, not just the volume and components but her persistency and ability to hold her volume over her lactation. 







   Dry in 2020                                                                         




Date Of Birth: March 22nd, 2015
SS: SG Willow-Brook Designer R Lauren *++B
Sire: Rocky-Run LCDRL Cavalier *S EX94
SD: SGCH Rocky-Run Rogue’s Cupid 6*M LA92
DS: Singing-Spruce Sun Ptolemy *S EX94
Dam: GCH Givernay By Invitation Only 2*M 2*P 3X92
DD: GCH Birchwood CCL Lexus *M *P 3EX91